stage 4, auch

4 down; 17 more to go!
Prva v Italiji po nedeljskem padcu in to 200km – zelo dolga, zelo težka, mučna etapa; vesel sem da sem sploh končal, upam da bo počasi in korak po korak bolje; boli me čisto vse in postajam modre barve kot ata Smrk; ampak se niti slučajno ne mislim predati! Jutri 233km!

First stage after Sunday crash, 200k in Italy, very long, hard and painful stage;I am happy that I’ve come to the finish. I hope that slowly, step by step it will get better, everything on my body hurts, and I’m turning blue like Papa Smurf! Anyway; there is no way I’m giving up! Tomorrow 233k!

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